Small Rigid Box 8pc

Small Rigid Box 8pc

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Small Rigid Box 8pc
150 grams (5.29 oz)
105 grams (3.70 oz)
The Experience

Make your loved ones feel special on Valentine’s Day by gifting them small rigid box. It is a very simple, yet thoughtful gift you can give to your special ones, providing them with a chance to experience what the chocolate has to offer. Valentine chocolate delivery of this best gift box was never as easy as now.


Small rigid box caters to an extremely classical combination of cocoa and lemon, which is rarely seen. This is not an ordinary tasting chocolate, and that makes it an even better option to make someone realize their importance in your life.


The taste of this amazing delicacy is not just confined to adding a lemony touch to the evergreen cocoa; in fact it includes various other rich flavors which make it worth trying, at least once. As soon as you take a bite of this chocolate, you will definitely want to have more of it.

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