Bag in Box Gold 28pc

Bag in Box Gold 28pc

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Bag in Box Gold 28pc
500 grams (17.64 oz)
360 grams (12.70 oz)
The Experience

Birthdays, weddings, holidays are just another excuse to make your loved ones feel special and bring a huge smile on their faces by gifting some amazing delicacies. Chocolates prove to be one of the best options as gifts. This time bag in box gold will be a great idea to add to the gourmet chocolate gift baskets.


If you are looking for variety in a chocolate, then you will surely get what you want with bag in box gold. Add this to your bucket today, and allow your significant other to enjoy the variety of flavor this chocolate has to offer.


Bag in box gold promises an amazing taste with a perfect blend of all the ingredients resulting in a heavenly experience. The range of flavors is so wide, which makes it even more exciting to taste this delicacy. You will find some of the best flavors a chocolate has to offer in this bag in box gold. So enjoy the exoticness of this chocolate.

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