Ballotin Giftwrapped Gold 16pc

Ballotin Giftwrapped Gold 16pc

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Ballotin Giftwrapped Gold 16pc
300 grams (10.58 oz)
210 grams (7.41 oz)
The Experience

Anniversary is a time when you want to make your significant other realize how much their presence means to you. What better way to convey these feelings of yours than gifting them this perfect chocolate delicacy.


Ballotin wrapped gold is not just any chocolate, but is one of the luxury chocolate hampers wrapped in pure amazingness. The blast of flavors will, and has never failed to bring a huge smile on faces of those who have tried this delicacy. It is without a doubt, a premium chocolate gift idea which enables you to achieve the motive of making your loved ones feel special.


Ballotin wrapped gold is no doubt quite unique when it comes to the flavors it has to offer. The recipe includes cocoa butter that plays a major role in helping the chocolate melt in to your mouth, allowing the different flavors to break out. It is hard to resist the rich and creaminess of this delicacy.

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