Ballotin Giftwrapped Red 16pc

Ballotin Giftwrapped Red 16pc

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Ballotin Giftwrapped Red 16pc
300 grams (10.58 oz)
210 grams (7.41 oz)
The Experience

Are you in search for a chocolate with flavors that have never been tasted before? Then Ballotin gift wrapped red is just what you need. No matter the occasion, be it your birthday, mother’s day, father’s day or a wedding, it has the ability to make all events even more meaningful. It is a must have in chocolate birthday gift baskets or mother's day chocolate hampers.


If your major aim at finding a chocolate is variety in flavors, then Ballotin gift wrapped red caters to this need in the best possible way. It provides you with a chance to enjoy a perfect blend of different tastes, from cocoa to sweet pepper. It is a great gift idea for the people you love and care about.


While catering to richness, this chocolate aims at providing its eater with a heavenly experience. One bite in, and all the different flavors blast into your mouth in an extremely balanced manner. This way you get to taste all the varieties the chocolate has to offer, be it the ever loved cocoa powder, the slightly tangy sweet pepper or the amazing aroma of vanilla extract.

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