Ballotin Giftwrapped Bronze 16pc

Ballotin Giftwrapped Bronze 16pc

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Ballotin Giftwrapped Bronze 16pc
300 grams (10.58 oz)
210 grams (7.41 oz)
The Experience

If you have been gifting your loved ones the ordinary milk or dark chocolates, then now is the time to bring about some change in that, and surprise your significant other by giving them this amazing delicacy, worth trying. This time around, bring a huge smile on their faces by offering them some exciting flavors to try.


Each bite that you take of this milk chocolate praline, will immediately explode in to a flood of flavors. It comes with a unique touch to its taste, Ballotin wrapped bronze is like no other. Give your taste buds a chance to experience what this amazing delicacy has to offer.


Ballotin gift wrapped bronze is without a doubt one of its kind. The aroma itself is so soothing, as if taking you on a trip to heaven. All the different tastes of this chocolate remain true to their origin, allowing you to feel each bite you take. The combination of sweet pepper and cocoa is quite exotic to try.

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