Gianduia Vegan Chocolate

Gianduia Vegan Chocolate

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To create our softest and most delicate chocolate, we slowly stone grind the raw "Tonda Gentile Romana" Hazelnuts to a fine hazelnut paste and we add other simple ingredients like cocoa, the coconut blossom nectar and vanilla. Besides providing a high level of oleic acid, the unroasted hazelnuts, in the percentage of 30%, convey all their aromas in a very balanced way exalting the organoleptic shades of raw cacao (50% minimum). It is a warm feeling chocolate, enchanting and definitely well-rounded.Â
63 grams (2.22 oz)
50 grams (1.76 oz)
The Experience

Birthdays only come once in a year and usually celebrated with a dessert after a scrumptious meal. Rest aside the chocolate birthday cake, chocolate treats and bars like Gianduia can be serve in the table for kids and adults. On the other hand, it can also be a gift to the birthday celebrant. There’s no need to rush to the mall to find that perfect surprise for Cacao Crudo offers the best birthday gift ideas like the Gianduia which can be bought online.


The Italian dessert paste now comes in a raw organic chocolate bar formulated from high quality ingredients: Tonda Gentile Romana hazelnuts and Criollo Cacao Beans which can be gift chocolates for birthdays and any other occasion. It’s creamy goodness from delicate ingredients are produced carefully in a different way to achieve that balance of smoothness and sweetness in your tongue. What more can it be good? That’s for you to find out! Order chocolates online and experience the softest and creamiest chocolate of Cacao Crudo.


Gianduia is a smooth and creamy mixture of raw hazelnuts and dark chocolates well known to be a great chic chocolate gift for your friends. The hazelnuts are mixed with dark chocolate for a bitter taste, with hint of vanilla and coconut to enhance and achieve that desirable quality for your delicious palate for you chocolate tasting. Take a bite of Gianduia and find out why Cacao Crudo got the best of raw organic chocolates.

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Elisa on 11/13/2018
My husband likes dark chocolate, so I placed an online order for him. The shipping was quick, and product arrived as expected. The presence of hazelnut in the chocolate enhances the taste. I love it.
Liam on 5/16/2018
The taste is pretty good. I would buy it again. For the price it is very good. So I would buy it again. This vegan chocolate is super good, I recommend it.
The taste is unbeatable

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