Vegan -Raw Hazelnuts Cream

Vegan -Raw Hazelnuts Cream

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A mix of whole and not roasted "Tonda Gentile Romana" hazelnuts, raw cacao powder and coconut sugar, nothing else. The result is an unexpected spreadable cream, with a perfectly balanced original taste. The delicate flavour of the raw hazelnuts blends with the sweet aroma of coconut sugar and bitter cocoa. A unique product on the market , born to provide a healthy and tasty cream.
250 grams (8.82 oz)
200 grams (7.05 oz)
The Experience

Finding first birthday gift ideas for your kids can be more exciting, fun and sweet with raw organic chocolates—enriched with chopped hazelnuts, the Raw Hazelnuts Cream are the tastiest cream great for any dessert. Because it is made through cold-process and from raw and organic ingredients, you can delight your kids with hazelnut cream without any worries, free from any artificial flavoring and additives.


Order chocolates online and impress your kids with a snack filled with a delicious chocolate spread made from the finest yet natural ingredients of Cacao Crudo. Raw Hazelnuts Cream are tasty and delicious because it is cold-processed—achieving a natural nutty flavor which is actually great for breads and cookies. Blended with Tonda Gentile Romana, no wonder this is the yummiest chocolate spread for kids and even kids at heart!


A mixture of hazelnut, cocoa and coconut makes the best chocolate spread for sandwiches and biscuits that complete your breakfast set or even snack-to-go. The artisan Raw Hazelnuts Creams are made from Tonda Gentile Romana hazelnuts for richer taste, coconut sugar for enriching the unique flavor and raw cacao for it’s creamy goodness enticing you to be part of the wholesome experience of chocolate tasting.

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Cathy on 10/1/2018
My kids love this, It has a great tasting chocolate that is great for breads and fruits. A staple in our table.
Lynette Schwarts on 8/27/2018
Great product..Great Service. Great buy at a good price
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