Elsewhere Vegan Chocolate

Elsewhere Vegan Chocolate

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Himalayan salt, Lemon and Ginger, Coconut and Matcha Pralines: exotic flavors that stimulate the imagination to wander to distant places. Elsewhere is a continuous search for possibilities.
70 grams (2.47 oz)
48 grams (1.69 oz)
The Experience

Going for adventure with your loved one? Travel around the world with the exotic flavors of Elsewhere pralines—Elsewhere collection box contains four selection of raw organic pralines that can be valentines day chocolates for couples who love to travel and discover new things and places. A chocolate gift that symbolizes love, passion and discovery. It contains Hazelnut, Raspberry, Geranium, Mint and Licorice Pralines—variety of flavors which makes you feel like you’re going to unknown places.


The most daring and surprising combinations of chocolates are now available in Cacao Crudo!
For a bold and daring adventure, order chocolates online like the Elsewhere Raw Organic Pralines. What more to love with these pralines? It can be a beautiful present for anyone and everyone! Rest assured that the person who’ll be receiving it will be delightful as the chocolate gift box is adorned with four unique flavors for that luscious experience.


Sour, Sweet, Dark, Chewy, Aromatic and Nutty—there’s nothing else that beats this selection of raw organic pralines. A different kind of chocolate tasting experience filled with lush flavors and incredibly finishing touches. Concentrate on your senses and experience Elsewhere just like you’re wandering on different places.

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