Lunar Chocolate Collection (bundle consisting of 13 pieces)

Lunar Chocolate Collection (bundle consisting of 13 pieces)

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Vegan Chocolate -Cacao Paste 100%   +$6.00
Vegan Chocolate -Dark 90%   +$6.00
Vegan Chocolate -Dark 80%   +$6.00
Vegan Chocolate -Dark Raspberry   +$6.36
Vegan Chocolate -Dark Orange Zests   +$6.24
Vegan Chocolate -Dark Himalayan Pink Salt and Criollo Cacao Nibs   +$6.24
Gianduia Vegan Chocolate   +$6.36
Vegan Chocolate -Dark Lemon Zests   +$6.24
Vegan Chocolate -Chopped Hazelnuts   +$6.24
Vegan Chocolate -Goji Berries and Hazelnuts - Dark Chocolate   +$6.48
Vegan Chocolate -Goji Berries and Buckwheat - Dark Chocolate   +$6.24
Apricots, Almonds and Orange Zests Organic Bar - Dark Chocolate 80%   +$2.40
Figs and Hazelnuts Organic Bar - Vegan Dark Chocolate 80%   +$2.10

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Lunar Chocolate Collection
722 grams (25.47 oz)

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