Vegan Chocolate -Cacao Paste 100%

Vegan Chocolate -Cacao Paste 100%

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A single ingredient, the Criollo cacao, reduced in paste by mechanical cold processes. Extremely pure, strong identity, surprisingly balanced, a flavour that reminds of the cacao beans but less acidic. A tablet designed for those who love strong flavors and those fond of the extraordinary qualities of cacao.
31 grams (1.09 oz)
30 grams (1.06 oz)
The Experience

Celebrate your kids first birthday with extremely appetizing dessert like a chocolate cake that they will surely adore. Cacao Paste 100% is a rich chocolate bar made with pure Criollo Cacao that can be used for the most delicious chocolate birthday cake for your kids. Achieve the balance of flavors and smoothness of a cake with raw organic chocolate only from Cacao Crudo.


Cacao Paste 100% are perfect for baking goods like brownies, chocolate cake and cookies. This product can be a pretty alternative for your baking needs and if you’re looking for pure, raw and organic ingredients for healthier and guilt-free dessert, this is the chocolate bar that you’ve been looking for!—also great for Vegan. So what are you waiting for? Order chocolates online and master that chocolate cake you’ve been dreaming of.


Cacao Crudo Cacao Paste 100% is the right one for you if you like the strong flavor of cacao. You can actually feel the realness and pureness in every bite making it so far the best tasting chocolate without any other additives and ingredients but only 100% Organic Cocoa Mass. Taste and experience the evolution of the flavor of the pure cacao only from Cacao Crudo.

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Anne K. on 11/27/2018
Calling all bakers like me. You need to try this amazing cacao paste, I'm sure you'll love it like I do!
Lincoln on 11/13/2018
I am in love with this Vegan Chocolate. By just opening the packet you can tell that it is some high-quality premium stuff. And it tastes exquisite. It is a real deal and worth every penny spent.
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