MONO Dark Almond - Dark Chocolate Bar

MONO Dark Almond - Dark Chocolate Bar

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The MONO is a 35 gr chocolate bars, vacuum packed to preserve the flavor and the freshness of the product. Present after a good meal with coffee or tea. Black Chocolate with Grilled Almonds. Zaabar roasts almonds to give them a smoky, toasted scent that blends perfectly with chocolate. The almond tree would originate from the warm and dry regions of the Near and Middle East. During the conquest of Spain, the Arabs brought with them seeds of citrus and kernels of almonds that they planted. From there the almond tree has spread all along the coasts of the Mediterranean. The almond tree and its fruit have always been associated with fertility. It is the Romans who have instituted the custom of throwing almonds to young brides, in order to favor an abundant offspring, a custom which lasts in various parts of Europe.
45 grams (1.59 oz)
35 grams (1.23 oz)
The Experience

The classic combination of chocolate and almonds makes them one of the most romantic and popular gifts for our loved ones. MONO- Dark Almond has the nutty flavor and high nutritional value of almonds and the rich dark taste of black chocolate are timeless and can be given as valentines day chocolates, christmas chocolates or any time of the year.


Take a bite of the Mono-Dark Almond and be transported to the East. Almonds were said to have been the favorite of travelers traversing the Silk Road from China and Central Asia to the Mediterranean. Often associated with fertility, almonds in thses chocolate gift boxes offer a rich and layered dimension to the bitter sweetness of chocolate.


Experience the contrast between the creamy black chocolate and the crunchy and smoky toasted almonds. Mono-Dark Almond offers the best of both worlds- delectable taste and health benefits. Delight in the exotic best tasting chocolate flavor and texture of almonds and feel the dark chocolate melt in your mouth.

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Stella on 9/18/2018
This chocolate has a wonderful smell and taste. I love that I can smell the almonds in it.
Tesla on 4/11/2018
Sooo delicious! Melted very tenderly on the tongue! Also the taste is perfect - despite everything not too sweet! The new packaging is significantly better than the old one. You can easily open it and divide the chocolate bar clean and easy and take it out.
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