DUO - Curry from Madras - Dietary Chocolate Bar

DUO - Curry from Madras - Dietary Chocolate Bar

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White chocolate. To be proposed in dessert with vanilla ice cream, divine! Originating in Sri Lanka, where the word khary means "sauce", it becomes kari in indian to designate a dish of vegetables in sauce in the region of Madras. Its international name, "curry", is well established. It is actually a mixture of spices.
96 grams (3.39 oz)
70 grams (2.47 oz)
The Experience

If you're looking for a happy birthday chocolate for someone who loves adventure, the DUO - Curry from Madras chocolate bar is the perfect gift. With special curry spices with chocolate, birthday gift ideas like this will add color and zest to any event. Give this chocolate to a special someone and have your memories be laced with interest and excitement.


Curry is a popular dish in many Asian countries. When mixed with chocolate, one can taste the burst of different tastes from spicy, sweet, milky, smooth, savory and others. There is a different experience in every bite of these chocolate gift boxes. Go for the DUO -Curry from Madras to feel a culinary feast in your mouth.


Ride on a plane to India and experience the color, vibrancy and life there when you have a bite of the DUO -Curry from Madras. With the flawless blend of sweetness and spiciness, it's a chocolate tasting experience that will transport you to a place beyond your dreams

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Amber on 10/9/2018
I like that this chocolate burst with different flavors. I love giving this as a gift because the taste will surprise you in a very yummy way!!
Michael Lance Cleveland on 6/8/2018
A bite to this milky chocolate bar will take you to India where the Curry spice is popular. The blend has a kick to it and the rather richness of the milk chocolate. Totally different.
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