KLASSIC Dark with Meringue - Chocolate Bar

KLASSIC Dark with Meringue - Chocolate Bar

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The KLASSIC is a 100 gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Case of a chocolate bar Black with meringue shards - 110 gr. Cocoa 55.9%. The tablet is vacuum packed for better preservation of flavors and freshness. Black Chocolate with Broken Meringue. Meringue is a very light and very fine pastry made from a mixture of egg whites and sugar, which is cooked very gently. It is typical of Swiss, Italian and French cuisines, each with small differences. Combined with the Zaabar Black Chocolate, Meringue brings a subtle sweet and crunchy flavor.
110 grams (3.88 oz)
100 grams (3.53 oz)
The Experience

Who doesn’t look forward to Valentine’s day? It gives you another chance to make your significant other feel how lucky you are to have them in your life. No other valentines day chocolates screams “I love you” more than the KLASSIC Dark with Meringue. Schedule a valentine's day chocolate delivery for this sweet treat now.


The KLASSIC Dark with Meringue tastes best when you are with the person that you love. Once you eat from one of these chocolate gift boxes, happy memories with your partner will instantly come into mind. You won't even realize it, but you'll definitely smile from ear to ear as you savor its flavor.


If you are looking for a different kind of chocolate tasting experience, you should definitely try the KLASSIC Dark with Meringue. The meringue is moist, sweet and soft which perfectly complements the bold taste of the dark chocolate. Together they give an enticingly subtle yet bittersweet chocolate tasting experience.

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Angel Walls on 11/26/2018
Meringue is probably one of the best sweets in my opinion, and seeing that this has meringue has me so happy, I had to buy it. Yes, it's delicious!
Iain Rams on 4/24/2018
The boxes alone is enough to make you drool and buy this product. And if you get to taste what is inside..Heaven!
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