SCHOKOCAFF - Lait - roasted coffee beans coated with milk chocolate

SCHOKOCAFF - Lait - roasted coffee beans coated with milk chocolate

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Box of roasted coffee beans coated with milk chocolate - 150 gr. Schokocaff are coffee beans coated with extra fine chocolate. Each grain is selected carefully for its aromatic and taste qualities.
170 grams (6.00 oz)
150 grams (5.29 oz)
The Experience

Everybody deserves a break on his birthday. For this, the SCHOKOCAFF - Lait, a happy birthday chocolate that is perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy the taste of coffee but don't like its bitterness. This is ideal birthday gift ideas for young and hip individuals who enjoy a creamy drink in their hands. Best for early mornings and late afternoons, when he just wants to cherish the softness of the day.


SCHOKOCAFF - Lait has the right blend of sweetness, smoothness and bitterness. It is sweet and milky from the milk chocolate mixed with it. Its bitter yet full taste comes from the carefully grown and selected coffee beans. A symphony of flavors in every sip of chocolate gift boxes.


Drink your way to a warm and relaxing evening with every cup of SCHOKOCAFF - Lait. With a creamy and warm flavor, reading a book while drinking this beverage complements an exciting book or a gentle music in the background. You'd never go wrong in choosing a cup of SCHOKOCAFF - Lait, the best tasting chocolate.

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Louise Griffin on 12/5/2018
Our favorite milk chocolate so far. i just love it...good qualty amazing product
Sara on 11/13/2018
An absolute delight.
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