ORIGIN Yoruba - Chocolate Bar

ORIGIN Yoruba - Chocolate Bar

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The ORIGIN is a 110 gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Grand Cru Ghana 60%
120 grams (4.23 oz)
110 grams (3.88 oz)
The Experience

Do you have relatives coming over for Christmas dinner? christmas chocolates like this ORIGIN Ghana will surely match your coffee while you enjoy exchanging stories with your loved ones. Give them a hint of Ghana with the fruity, creamy-sour and musty-woody taste of chocolate. Your family will definitely love your choice of Christmas chocolate gifts!


The bittersweet way of living of Ghana is sincerely made into a heavenly piece of chocolate gift boxes. Securely packed to preserve the native taste of the chocolate. ORIGIN Yoruba definitely avouches you to have a taste of Ghana's premium quality cocoa structure.


ORIGIN Ghana offers a profound round and balanced chocolate tasting of dark chocolate. It is not your ordinary taste of dark chocolate since it has its distinct cocoa flavor, with refreshing red fruit notes and chestnut and gives a kick to your taste buds with the spices flavors.

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Vincent on 11/13/2018
I bought this one impulsively as its ingredients intrigued me. But I don’t regret my purchase. It contains premium quality cocoa from Ghana with chestnuts. Very tasty.
Joyce on 8/29/2018
This was the chocolate I encountered online when looking for gifts this season. I love the packaging and the taste of the chocolates.
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