KAKAU Pure - Dark Drinking Chocolate Powder

KAKAU Pure - Dark Drinking Chocolate Powder

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Dark Drinking Chocolate Powder
250 grams (8.82 oz)
225 grams (7.94 oz)
The Experience

Share a cup of warm Kakau Pure Dark Drinking Chocolate with the person who captivated your heart. Perfect for rainy days or winter nights, having a delicious cup of this happy anniversary chocolate will deepen your relationship and maybe help you charm your way to their heart. With warm anniversary chocolates in your hands, sharing intimate feelings with each other will be easy. buy chocolates online and get ready for an awesome chocolate tasting experience.


Every sip of Kakau Pure Dark Drinking Chocolate is perfection. With a flavor that flows smoothly in your mouth, these gift chocolates offer an aromatic beverage that is a sweet delight. Luscious and smooth, this chocolate drink is unspoiled and impeccable. Drinkers will surely love to have this whether hot or cold.


Having a warm cup of Kakau Pure Dark Drinking Chocolate is like holding the hand of someone you love. Something sweet and luscious in your hand, this wonderful chocolate tasting drink is something that will bring you warmth and love in your life. Perfect for nights cherished with your special someone or when you're missing them.

Clients' Reviews

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Patrica on 11/13/2018
I had several dark drinking chocolates, but all were too sweet for my taste. But this one does the trick. It also doesn’t leave powder at the bottom of the cup and tastes amazingly delicious.
Callum on 5/28/2018
I have been using this chocolate drinking power for a long time. It's the one I like the most. I take it dissolved in a glass of warm milk at night before going to bed. I used to buy it in the supermarket, but since it came in stock on chocolak I started buying it from here because it comes out considerably better in price.
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