Blinis 18 pieces - chocolate chips

Blinis 18 pieces - chocolate chips

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The Blinis are chocolate chips decorated by hand with broken petals of roses, candied violet, puffed rice, golden sesame, broken mint, sugar-coated and fennel seeds..
100 grams (3.53 oz)
75 grams (2.65 oz)
The Experience

Looking to give an anniversary gift to your loved one who's feeling a bit under the weather? Blinis 18 will definitely boost his mood and make his day! This super special happy anniversary chocolate makes a good pair with a hot coffee, and is perfect while watching movies or reading books. order chocolates online, Enjoy and relax!


Aside from the crystallized rose petals and violets, puffed rice and broken mints, this Blinis 18 also contain sugar-coated fennel seeds which give a taste of the Mediterranean cuisine. These chocolate gift boxes are also aromatic, and is sure to give you a relaxing vibe while you eat it.


Eating chocolates with crystallized rose petals in it might sound a bit odd for a chocolate tasting experience but the chocolatiers made it more special than your typical go-to chocolates. Blinis 36 tastes like how a rose petal smells like. The sesame seeds and fennel seeds add crunch into it and the broken mints for the soothing flavor.

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Mae on 9/20/2018
Different flavors for everyone! My family enjoyed this treat over the holiday.
Jonny on 4/16/2018
Thank god I found here.
The delivery is OK, the chips are my husband's favorite and there is no shop in our area to buy.
That's why I ordered it for the second time today
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