Vegan Chocolate -Dark Raspberry

Vegan Chocolate -Dark Raspberry

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Probably our most distinctive product, unique and precious; close your eyes and let the flavour of raspberry carry you through its noblest aromas. The union of Criollo cocoa with its fruity aromas and the slightly acid aftertaste of the raspberries (12%). The freeze-dried method protects the colors, the organoleptic qualities, the precious antioxidants and other nutrients typical of this berry.Â
63 grams (2.22 oz)
50 grams (1.76 oz)
The Experience

Every mother deserves to be treated with something special, delicious and healthy like the Dark Raspberry Chocolate Bar made from natural ingredients. With the fruity aroma of the chocolate, it is surely the perfect chocolate for mother’s day. Beside from bouquet and other exciting surprises, make it extra special by giving raw organic chocolates with flavors of fruit` and freshness like the Dark Raspberry Chocolate.


Raw organic chocolate bars from Cacao Crudo like the Dark Raspberry are readily available online and can be delivered straight in your doorstep or can be sent to your friends and family like your mother as a surprise. Who knows you can actually save money and time by buying chocolate gifts online! Instead of going out, you can spend your time and create more memories with the one you like to give the fruity, dark chocolate bar made naturally with love.


Indulge yourself with Cacao Crudo’s Dark Raspberry Bar made and produced from the finest cacao beans, freshly picked raspberries and other natural ingredients preserved to blend in with the chocolate goodness of the bar. Feel the luscious dessert with the flavor of raspberries that are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidant combined with the taste of the raw cacao that can actually promote our general health. With impressive benefits of the delectable ingredients, you can never go wrong with this best tasting chocolate bar—both tasty and healthy!

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Brett. F on 11/27/2018
Unlike other bars with the raspberry and chocolate combination, this doesn't taste "chemical-ly" at all. The chocolate is really good too!
Asher on 11/13/2018
I love raspberry, and I like dark chocolate as well but never had both in one. The chocolate has Great taste and great texture. A good purchase.
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