Vegan Chocolate -Dark Lemon Zests

Vegan Chocolate -Dark Lemon Zests

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We select the most aromatic lemons from Sicily, remove the skin by hand and dry it at 30°C for 36/40 hours. Then we reduce it to little pieces and mix it with the dark chocolate 80%. Similarly to the orange zest, also the lemon zest alternates with the chocolate flavour creating a pleasant continuum. The result is a very fresh citrusy flavour, delicate and soft, that evolves gradually in your mouth leaving a persistent after-taste.
63 grams (2.22 oz)
50 grams (1.76 oz)
The Experience

Life is too short not to eat delicious dessert after a scrumptious meal. You deserve a sweet treat made right just for you like the Dark Lemon Zests of Cacao Crudo. Similar to the Dark Orange Zests, it is rich with citrus flavor well-blended in 80% dark chocolate. If you’re looking for an alternative to plain chocolate bars, try the irresistible Dark Lemon Zests Raw Organic Chocolate—but, there’s more to giving yourself a unique treat: If you’re running out of unique corporate gift ideas, you can also try the Dark Lemon Zests!


The lemon zests of the raw organic chocolate of Cacao Crudo just bursts into your mouth giving you the citrus flavor you’ll never find from any other chocolates. Never miss the explosion of the citrus and refreshing taste of this organic bar when you order chocolates online . For fast, convenient and hassle free transaction, buy chocolates online from Cacao Crudo.


The silky texture of the dark chocolate is now added with lemon zests for a different kind of chocolate tasting. Keep your day cool with Dark Lemon Zests available from Cacao Crudo for online delivery. Since lemon is known as excellent source of vitamins and nutrients for glowing skin and weight loss, you can actually enjoy the mixture of intense flavor of 80% cacao and rich citrus fruit while staying young and keeping yourself healthy.

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Fred Lee Young on 12/16/2018
This is really high quality vegan chocolate.
Annie Robertson on 12/15/2018
Definitely one of my favorite chocolates.
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