Vegan Chocolate -Dark 90%

Vegan Chocolate -Dark 90%

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A simple flavour yet complex for its orgaoleptic qualities; made of few ingredients that exhalt the aromas of raw Criollo cocoa and its nutritional properties. Appreciated by connoisseurs and by those who use it for theraupetic reasons. Has a slightly bitter taste as well as a tropical fruit aroma.
5 grams (0.18 oz)
5 grams (0.18 oz)
The Experience

The profound flavor of cacao in Dark 90% is what makes it more sophisticated and elegant gift for relevant people close to your heart. Dark chocolates with rich content of 90% cocoa are also ideal for mothers who love classic yet organic chocolates without any other flavor but only cacao. Give the love and appreciation to your mother and hand over this dark chocolate for mother's day—best suit for moms out there who love dark chocolates.


Enriched through cold process and organic ingredients to ensure its freshness and retain its nutritional content and dark taste,
Cacao Crudo Dark 90% is the healthiest chocolate bar you can give to a person who loves classic dark chocolates. If you’re looking for dark chocolate gifts online, this is the premium bar for you! Order one online and unfold the darkness within.


Delight yourself with the aroma of raw cacao beans in Cacao Crudo Dark 90% crafted beautifully to achieve the smoothness and richness of the pure cacao. The earthy tones of this chocolate will surprise you with its full flavor and definite robust cacao in excellent quality for your unforgettable chocolate tasting adventure.

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Linda on 11/13/2018
This Vegan chocolate 90% is what I have been searching for all these days. The ultra-dark chocolate comes in a creamy texture with superior taste, and it had never disappointed me.
Elizabath on 9/16/2018
I prefer dark chocolates and milk chocolates, and I found chocolak vegan has 90% dark chocolate. It comes in small cute pouches, and I carry it everywhere. I feel like I have finally seen my favorite dark chocolate.
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