SCHOKOCAFF - Noir - roasted coffee beans coated with chocolate Black

SCHOKOCAFF - Noir - roasted coffee beans coated with chocolate Black

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Box of roasted coffee beans coated with chocolate Black - 150 gr. Cocoa 56%. Schokocaff are roasted coffee beans with extra fine chocolate. Each grain is selected carefully for its aromatic and taste qualities. Discover the magic of this combination and savor this delicious snack.
170 grams (6.00 oz)
150 grams (5.29 oz)
The Experience

With an amazing robust flavor, the SCHOKOCAFF - Noir coffee beans is the ideal gift for coffee conossieurs out there. Are you looking for birthday gift ideas? A happy birthday chocolate that boasts of coffee flavor is best for days when he is craving for the exquisite taste of freshly brewed coffee from a coffe shop but is too lazy to get one. This wonderful blend of roasted coffee is perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on his own!


Aromatic and flavorful, these chocolate gift boxes of coffee beans has been carefully selected and roasted to bring out the best flavors. Indulge in the mild and bittersweet flavors of chocolate and coffee. A warm cup of SCHOKOCAFF - Noir will surely satisfy all your cravings for coffee.


Best paired with a sweet treat such as cake or biscuits, the SCHOKOCAFF - Noir awakens you with every sip. Full of flavor and aroma, a fresh cup of this best tasting chocolate will immediately perk you up for a tiring day ahead. Drink it with your friends or special someone for a perfect bonding and chocolate tasting experience.

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Sara Powell on 12/10/2018
I really liked the Black Chocolate. It is delicious
Benjamin Richardson on 12/9/2018
This brand tastes better than any other chocolate
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