Blinis 36 pieces - chocolate chips

Blinis 36 pieces - chocolate chips

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The Blinis are chocolate chips decorated by hand with broken petals of roses, candied violet, puffed rice, golden sesame, broken mint, sugar-coated fennel seeds and Bresilienne.
180 grams (6.35 oz)
150 grams (5.29 oz)
The Experience

Looking for a happy birthday chocolate for someone who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed by their busy schedule? These handmade chocolate drops are the ultimate presents! Blinis 36 is a comfort food, a sure-fire standby in times of stress. An incredibly wonderful happy birthday chocolate, it will definitely make you pumped up for the next day's work.


The nuggets of crystallized rose petals and violets will bring you back to the old times as they have been used in the culinary for centuries. This Blinis 36 has its floral essence that is released on the tongue a moment after you chew it. The puffed rice and broken mints add a kick to every drop of these gift chocolates online while you munch on it.


Eating chocolates with crystallized rose petals in it might sound a bit odd but the chocolatiers made it more special than your typical go-to chocolates. The best tasting chocolate, Blinis 36 tastes like how a rose petal smells like. The sesame seeds and fennel seeds add crunch into it and the broken mints for the soothing flavor.

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Amit on 4/19/2018
For me it is one of the best chocolate chips. Supply energy and keep you full for a long time.
Amol on 4/18/2018
Just delicious... small surprise for anyone who comes over for coffee.
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