bar 45g (1.59 oz) praline nougat

bar 45g (1.59 oz) praline nougat

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Milk chocolate bar filled with praline flavored with honey and garnished with nougat grain. 45 gr. Zaabar praline is made from hazelnuts and almonds delicately grilled, sweetened and crushed. Our chocolatiers scented with honey and garnished this filling of grains of nougats. The right balance of flavors of dry fruits and honey gives this bar a real character. Its design case makes it possible to close the tablet when it is not finished
45 grams (1.59 oz)
The Experience

Wanted to give a happy birthday chocolate to a gym buff? The Zaabar chocolate bar with praline nougat should top your list! This milky chocolate bar with praline nougat offers a unique chocolate tasting experience, a taste of goodness without the guilt. It's yummy; it's healthy; it's your perfect happy birthday gift ideas.


With the creamy goodness of milk chocolate mixed with flavored praline and honey topped with expensive nougat grain, Zaabar chocolate gifts online with praline nougat is a treat you deserve. Feast on these wonderful flavors that will make you dance for joy. Let the superb sweetness melt in your mouth in every bite.


Indulge in the goodness of Zaabar chocolate bar with praline nougat and be transported to the most luxurious spas in the world. Enjoy the amazing flavors of this delicate yet scrumptious best tasting chocolate bar of goodness. In every bite of this magical treat, you'll surely forget your name.

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Aireen on 10/15/2018
The smell is delicious even before you take a bite, and the taste wont disappoint.
Sergio Arrelucia on 6/26/2018
Once you get a bite of this delectable milk chocolate you cannot stop. The goodness and creaminess of chocolate and the flavor of honey glazed praline will surely melt your heart away.
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