KLASSIC White Biscuit - Chocolate Bar

KLASSIC White Biscuit - Chocolate Bar

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The KLASSIC is a 100 gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product.Case of a white chocolate bar with sparkling crepe biscuits - 100 gr. The tablet is vacuum packed for better preservation of flavors and freshness. To be presented at the time of the dessert for the whole family. White Chocolate with Biscuit Fine. The combination of leafy, crispy and light biscuit, and white chocolate is delicious. A real treat.
110 grams (3.88 oz)
100 grams (3.53 oz)
The Experience

Zaabar’s KLASSIC White Biscuit is one of the best valentines day chocolates, corporate chocolate gifts , mothers day chocolates, or Father’s Day chocolate gifts that you can find anywhere. Its light and subtle taste will help you and your loved ones get through the day with a smile, making it the perfect treat for everyone.


If you want to have a light and delicious chocolate treat, Zaaba's KLASSIC White Biscuit would be the perfect dessert for you. Make your day of relaxation even better by giving this chocolate a try. You can even send these chocolate gift boxes to your friend and your family to show them how much you appreciate them.


The sweet and subtle flavor provided by the KLASSIC White Biscuit will certainly be a chocolate tasting experience that you would remember for ages. The combination of hazelnuts, natural vanilla, and cocoa mass, among others, will remind you of the comforts of home-baked biscuits. Get the best tasting chocolate around now with Zaabar's KLASSIC White Biscuit.

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Ria on 10/10/2018
This brings memories of my childhood! Its simplicity and sweetness is divine. Can't get enough of this chocolate.
Sergio Arrelucia on 6/11/2018
Packed with extra goodness to make you forget your diet. Perfect with a piping hot coffee or tea.
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