DUO - Pecan Nuts from Taos - Chocolate Bar

DUO - Pecan Nuts from Taos - Chocolate Bar

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The DUO is two 35 gr chocolate bars, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Cocoa 55.9%. The tablets are vacuum packed to preserve the flavors and freshness. Black chocolate with minimum 55,9% cocoa for a strong taste. Ideal with a coffee or dessert. Prehistoric Pecan fossils were discovered in Mexico and Texas in the 18th century. Food of the first Amerindians, it remains today the finest ingredients of traditional American pastries. Pecan is an excellent source of thiamine, zinc, copper and magnesium.
96 grams (3.39 oz)
70 grams (2.47 oz)
The Experience

Opening chocolate gift boxes are one of the things we always look forward to every time the Christmas season comes. Surprise your family and loved ones with exquisite Christmas chocolates like the DUO – Pecan Nuts from Taos. christmas chocolate gifts like this will make the season even brighter and merrier.


The scrumptious taste of gift chocolates like the DUO – Pecan Nuts from Taos will remind you why Christmas is one of the most celebrated occasions throughout the year.
The other gift chocolates online are nothing compared to the extraordinary joy that you get as you grab another bite.


The dark chocolate combined with pecans produce a splendid chocolate tasting experience that you'll definitely be addicted to. This is more than just a sweet treat because pecans are full of vitamins and minerals, while dark chocolate serves as a good antioxidant. A small amount will make you feel satisfied, but their captivating flavor will make you reach out for more.

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Bob on 11/13/2018
Loved loved loved the nuts filled chocolate flavor. I have become a huge fan of Chocolak.com
Melanie on 7/9/2018
This was my first time to order from this site and I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality. The chocolates are certainly better than most of the chocolates we usually purchase at supermarkets!
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