Figs and Hazelnuts Organic Bar - Vegan Dark Chocolate 80%

Figs and Hazelnuts Organic Bar - Vegan Dark Chocolate 80%

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A really essential fruit bar for lovers of less contaminated character, not flavored to leave space to the fruit aromas of dried figs and to the aftertaste of raw hazelnuts. Flavors that alternate with the roundness of our dark chocolate 80%.
29 grams (1.02 oz)
28 grams (0.99 oz)
The Experience

If you’re looking for Unique corporate gift ideas, this might be the perfect one! Arousing with rich flavors of the figs and intensifying aroma of the hazelnuts and cacao, no wonder it is a sophisticated token for your loyal customers and trustworthy employees. Give thanks and delight them with Figs and Hazelnuts Organic Bar Covered with Dark Chocolate 80%.


Arousing with delicate flavors and aroma from natural ingredients, Figs and Hazelnuts Organic Bar covered with Dark chocolate 80% is the answer if you're looking for corporate chocolate gifts. The healthy benefits of every ingredient in this product just shows how you want to treat and give thanks to your employees and customers. Satisfy your employees with this product crafted in a colorful packaging that fits perfectly in a gift basket.


Throw out a festive chocolate tasting party filled with Figs and Hazelnuts Organic Bar covered with Dark Chocolate 80% for a fun and unique experience. With the sweet taste and chewy texture of the figs with slight crunch from the hazelnuts, you can have that incredible snack in your hands and a gourmet for a different kind of chocolate tasting.

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Joe Walsh on 11/27/2018
I have a stash of these, so I can have one once in a while, or whenever I need to give myself a treat. This is delicious and my go-to healthy (yummy) bar!
Leslie Jefferson on 10/8/2018
Excellent product!
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