Medjoul date with almonds - Organic dark chocolate

Medjoul date with almonds - Organic dark chocolate

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A simple and nutritious snack that combines the sweetness of Medjoul dates with the delicacy of Sicilian almonds. The dark raw chocolate coating 80% balances perfectly with the organoleptic characteristics of fruit.
29 grams (1.02 oz)
28 grams (0.99 oz)
The Experience

Treat yourself and your friends a delicious and nutritious snack from Cacao Crudo: The Medjoul Date with Amonds covered with Organic Dark Chocolate—the tender and tasty caramel flavor of the dates are abundant and sealed with freshness, perfectly covered in raw organic chocolate producing a dark yet luscious feeling in every bite. You can enjoy it anywhere you want—and no more worries with what to give this Holiday Season for it is also an excellent Christmas chocolate gifts for your family and friends!


A traditional staple food and a sweet candy now comes in a snack! Who knows that Medjoul Dates and Organic Dark Chocolates can be that great in a gourmet? The whole experience with tasting it will make you feel like King and Queens; and fun fact, you don’t have to wait in line because you can actually buy chocolates online anytime and anywhere. You deserve to be treated just like the royalty with this delicious treat so never hesitate to buy one. Eat and be merry with Medjoul Date with Almonds covered with Organic Dark Chocolate.


Taste Enjoy a high-quality, raw organic snack like no other with Cacao Crudo Apricot with walnut covered with organic dark chocolate made just for you. You can have an incredibly pleasant time in artisan chocolate tasting with tropical, summer palate full of sweet, tangy flavors and crunch in every nibble.
and celebrate the best tasting chocolate Cacao Crudo has to offer: The Medjoul Date with Almonds covered with Organic Dark Chocolate. It is rich in fiber, has natural sweetness and a crunch making it a wholesome, complete snack for you and your friends. Enjoy and share the goodness in every bite.

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Kevin Rose on 11/27/2018
I've always thought that almonds were overrated, but not anymore. Since I've tried bar with dates and almonds, I am now a big fan!
Lamar Zimmerman on 10/11/2018
Very delicious. Arrived on time. Good stuff and worth the price
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