DUO - Salt from Guerande - Chocolate Bar

DUO - Salt from Guerande - Chocolate Bar

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The DUO is two 35 gr chocolate bars, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Milk chocolate with minimum 33,5% cocoa for a strong taste. Nectar of the Sea to be discovered ... Discovered and exploited by the monks in the 10th century PC, Guerande salt is the nectar of salt marshes. The Salt Flower is gathered and has an incomparable and subtle taste. It contains all the natural riches of the sea, including magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
96 grams (3.39 oz)
70 grams (2.47 oz)
The Experience

Is your loved one as unique and special as the sweet and salty combination of Duo- Salt from Guerande? Stop searching for birthday gift ideas because we have what you're looking for right here! A perfect happy birthday chocolate gift ideas for those with a unique palate, the subtle combination of flavors from this chocolate will make his day more exciting and fun.


With just one bite of these chocolate gift boxes, you can instantly taste the delicate “fleur de sel” or salt from the medieval town of Guerande. Imagine a cool and breezy midday afternoon on the beaches of Western France while you enjoy the moist and flaky salt flakes from this delectable chocolate bar.


The Duo-Salt from Guerande is a sophisticated mix of sweet chocolate and the mild flavor of salt. A wonderful chocolate tasting experience, the salt from the thin crust of seawater in the Pays de la Loire and Brittany regions are milder and less saltier than other sea salts. This chocolate is a delightful surprise that will satisfy your curiosity and tantalize your tongue.

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Merina on 10/16/2018
I like it because its creamy and sweet with a hint of salt. It definitely satisfies my craving!
Jeffrey Friend on 6/29/2018
The delectable taste between the cocoa and the sea salt compliments giving way to a very flavourful chocolate bar.
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