Vegan Chocolate -Chopped Hazelnuts

Vegan Chocolate -Chopped Hazelnuts

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The raw and crumbled "Tonda Gentile Romana" hazelnuts (18%) create a 'nougat' effect and their delicate aroma mingles prefectly with the Criollo cocoa flavour. The balance between the soft and the crunchy part makes it the ideal chocolate to munch. The abundance of raw hazelnuts guarantees a high percentage of oleic acid and other antioxidant nutrients.Â
63 grams (2.22 oz)
50 grams (1.76 oz)
The Experience

The softest yet crunchiest snack-to-go now comes in raw organic chocolate bar. The smoothness and bitter taste of 80% Dark chocolate is paired with Tonda Gentile Romana Hazelnuts creating harmonious flavors to indulge with your friends or even all by yourself! What more for birthday gift ideas? Chopped Hazelnuts are excellent chocolate gift for your friends who loves some crunchy treat.


Get that crunch from your favorite organic chocolate blended with chopped raw hazelnuts for extra nutty taste—all from the first company to produce raw chocolates, Cacao Crudo!
Give Chopped Hazelnuts for your friends to show how valuable they are to you and how you want to treasure them even through that bumpy road. Your friends will never go nuts if you give Chopped Hazelnuts as gift chocolates.


Munch with the nutty flavor and crunchy texture of Chopped Hazelnuts in Cacao Crudo and discover the silk and smoothness of the dark chocolates while hosting a chocolate tasting party. Take a bite into mouthwatering chopped hazelnuts and share it with your guests for an amazing chocolate feast.

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Moira on 9/22/2018
It is soft and chewy. The chocolate is luscious. I love munching on it.
Edra on 4/25/2018
This Chopped Hazelnuts are absolutely amazing. If you are a Chocolate fan, you should definitely try it.
Unfortunately, they can hardly be found anywhere, so we ordered them from here.
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