Caresses Chocolate - Praline Chocolate

Caresses Chocolate - Praline Chocolate

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Cashews, Orange, Vanilla, Banana Pralines: soft notes, tender to,those who really want to feel cludded; our most enveloping pralines ever.
70 grams (2.47 oz)
48 grams (1.69 oz)
The Experience

There’s never a dull moment in celebrating Valentine's Day with your special loved one most especially if it is planned beautifully and carefully. What makes it more exciting is by giving presents and surprises carefully made like chocolates that represents the sweet and tender care you both take and receive. Caresses Raw Organic Pralines are absolutely the right valentines day chocolates for the people close to you most.


Enjoy and love Its sweet flavors from natural ingredients like the cashews, dark chocolates, vanilla, coconut, banana and many more organic elements cold-processed and made with love. This delicate bar is the answer if you’re looking for unique valentine gift chocolates. Embrace the pure love and sweetness of this delectable treat when you order chocolates online.


Cacao Crudo Caresses contains Cashews, Orange, Vanlla and Banana Organic Pralines cold processed to achieve the perfect balance of the flavors of fruits, nuts and cacao. The delicate taste of the raw organic pralines is such a haven and a pleasure—subtle enough for chocolate tasting and any other feast!

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Marylin on 11/13/2018
The packet has four flavor options; orange, vanilla, cashews, and organic banana pralines. It has crispy bits of nuts and is quite sweet. You can have them with dark coffee to complete your meal.
William on 5/19/2018
Very good presentation I bought it for a gift and really liked it. The order arrived very fast
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