How to Match Chocolate with Liquor – A Perfect Guide for Chocolatier

If you can find the perfect combination of chocolate and alcohol, there is nothing else you would like to do in a given time. However, not everyone can have the best combo of chocolate and liquor. There are certain tips and secrets which needed to be known before mixing these two up. Higher or lower quantities of either of these can ruin the taste of your combo. If you add the perfect amounts, you are going to love these on weekends or to celebrate your special moments and occasions. Here are a few tips and methods to let you know the secret about the perfect pairing of chocolate and alcohol.

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Go Dark

This is the most important secret to know because you have to go dark when it comes to both chocolate and liquor except for tequila. Now we tell you about all these liquor flavors one by one to know about the perfect combination of liquors and chocolates.


It can go with almost every chocolate which has warm spices in it or has traces of tropical fruit, but you have to go for the “go dark” rule here too. The reason is that the darker rum goes better with your chocolate.


Don’t you just love the taste of brandy with chocolate and the nutty flavors? Brandy goes amazingly well with dark chocolate.


PX is the sherry which goes perfectly with chocolate, and you can have it perfectly combined with brownies and other chocolate desserts. You can pair the sherry with chocolate bars too.


As it was mentioned earlier that tequila is an exception among all as the best tequila to go for a combination with chocolate will be gold tequila. It would be better to have the one with honey and toffee notes.


Whiskey is your go-to option for any of the flavors of chocolate. It suits with almost every flavor of chocolate, but it depends on your taste of lighter or darker drinks. If you are in a mood of single malt, then you can pair it with lighter chocolate, but you can also pair it with truffles or any other more prominent chocolate flavors.


Beer mostly goes with chocolate better if it is darker and you will have the amazing combo to enjoy in your leisure time.

Most of the time you need to match the drink with the filling of your chocolate, follow this rule and you will have the perfect combination of liquor and chocolate.

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