A Brief Guide About the Health Benefits of Cocoa Revealed

Before you feel guilty on your second serving of that black chocolate, remember this:Eating chocolates will not just bring momentary happiness, but it can also deliver a number of health benefits. For years, a number of studies have been made on the health benefits of chocolates, especially cocoa. When it’s eaten in moderation and specific types of chocolates are consumed, your body and health are definitely rewarded. Here’s a quick look at the health benefits of cocoa that you should know.

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1. Helps protect your heart and reduce risks associated with stroke

Did you know that chocolates are your heart’s friend? If you regularly consume chocolates in any form, you will benefit from low bad LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and you will have a lower chance of developing heart disease. In fact,according to one Swedish study (2011), it was found out that women who consume more than 45 grams of chocolate each week have a better chance of addressing the risk of stroke compared to women who eat fewer than 9 grams.

2. Improve your brain function

Cocoa, whether in powder or chocolate form, is rich in polyphenols. These are naturally occurring antioxidants that can perform a number of roles for your health. According to a number of studies, these antioxidants can help reduce the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases by improving blood flow and one’s brain function.

This is backed by a number of studies, including 2-week research on 34 adults who were given cocoa with high-flavanol content.After one week, blood flow to the brain increase by 8% and increase to 10% after 2 weeks.

3. Improve your mood and be happy

Almost everyone loves chocolate and each bite often brings in the smile. Well, aside from being a favorite deserve that people truly love, chocolates are also known to boostone’s mood. According to researches, the flavanols in chocolate and cocoa help boost the mood of a person. The regular intake of chocolates can also help reduce the stress levels among pregnant women.

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A Brief Guide About the Health Benefits of Cocoa Revealed

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