Hot chocolate and fountain for parties

Have you thought of the idea to buy chocolates online to help you in planning a chocolate fountain party? A chocolate fountain is a lovely, elegant addition to any buffet or even a dinner party which can serve as wonderful chocolate gifts. It adds a unique touch, and is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests. Chocolate fountain is a kind of apparatus intended for presenting and serving chocolate fondue in a party or similar occasions and can be presented in chocolate gift boxes. Typically it looks like a standing crown with three or more stages and generally 3 to 4 feet long in height. It is kept constantly heated so that the chocolate remains in liquid form so that it can flow from top to the bottom creating the impression of a fountain and guests will appreciate the chocolate gifts awaiting them. In this case you will use very minimal chocolate gift boxes which can be custom made on request from Chocolak.

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Chocolate fountains offer a wonderful centerpiece that allows guests to enjoy a fun but sophisticated atmosphere a looming chocolate gifts. The beautiful presentation and all-around appeal of chocolate fountains have made them the perfect choice for weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and other festive events which can be packed in chocolate gift boxes easily. Here are some of the things you need to consider when renting these types of machine.


Size is a very important consideration that you have to make when buying or renting a fountain. All fountains require a specific amount of chocolate in order for them to create a smooth and perfect flow. Order chocolates online in large quantities to facilitate the occasion. Not having enough chocolate is likely to result to an uneven flow and may cause the chocolate to burn. On the other hand, putting in too much chocolate could result to an overflow and eventually damage the machine's motor. If you are hosting a small gathering, a large fountain may only cause unnecessary waste. For larger gatherings, using a small fountain will be impractical since you will need to refill the chocolate many times over and you won’t see the need to use chocolate gift boxes.

If you are having 20 guests, use a fountain that has a minimum capacity of 3 lbs of chocolate gifts and a maximum capacity of 4 lbs. For 40 guests, minimum of 4 lbs and a maximum of 6 lbs, for 100 guests minimum of 6 lbs and maximum of 12 lbs, for 250 guests, minimum of 12 lbs and maximum of 20 lbs.

Type of Chocolate

Another important thing to consider is choosing the right type of chocolate and consider to buy chocolates online. The ingredients of your chocolate will affect its smooth and continuous flow to entice your guests with the amazing chocolate gifts. The wrong composition may cause an unwanted flavor, a burned and grainy texture and could even clog the machine.

The most common types of chocolate gifts that you could use are dark, milk or white. The milk chocolate fondue is a creamy chocolate that is well-liked, making it a good choice for parties where guest preferences are unknown. The dark chocolate fondue has a rich dark color with a slightly bitter taste. It offers a great attraction on a buffet and can be used with different types of fruits and packed in chocolate gift boxes. The white chocolate fondue is often used with coloring that can match any party theme.

Most chocolates require a little bit of vegetable oil. This will thin the chocolate and allow it to flow smoothly and easier for packing in the chocolate gift boxes if need be. However, there's no need to use oil if you are using coverture chocolate, a top quality chocolate that has extra cocoa butter. You can order such types of chocolates online.

Fountain Accessories

There are various accessories that can add to the visual appeal of your fountain. These include drip guards, wind and sneeze guards, skewers, dipping forks, fountain toppers and fountain skirts. Drip guards protect the area that surrounds the fountain which often gets messy. Wind and sneeze guards on the other hand, protect the machine against drafts, debris, bugs and sneezes. Fountain skirts provide a glistening light attraction into your festive centerpiece acting as the best chocolate gifts to your guests. A fountain topper adds height to your machine and draws attention with its vibrant colors. Skewers and dipping forks may come in simple wooden models and colored metal sets.


A mouth-watering fountain is useless without any delicious dippers. Dippers could be small pieces of fruits, cakes, pretzels, cinnamon twists, freshly baked breads, cookies or other treats that will go perfectly with your chosen chocolate gifts fondue. You may also use chocolate gift boxes to pack the extra chocolates for your guests.

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