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From Florence to Riyadh: Artisanal Online Chocolate Store "ChocoLak". Let your soul enjoying in best tasting chocolate

We all know how much the Italian cuisine is so special; the dishes are everyone's favorite, the taste is superb, but have you ever had the chance to try the chocolates?

Just like its cuisine, Italian chocolate engulfs all senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and makes an experience as well-worth remembering as that trip to the Colosseum (or at least the paninoyou had on the way!).

But, you really don't have to go to Italy to taste these exquisite chocolate pieces and gift chocolates.

Because Chocolak delivers it straight to your door!


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Chocolak is a newly launched online website to buy chocolates online that delivers from Vestri, an Italian authentic chocolatier in Florence!

Meaning, chocolate making from scratch, handmade, fresh and wrapped in the best way to ensure it you get in a same way you peak through Italy's artisan shops!

Since it is the season of Gifts and Joly days , these Beautiful handmade chocolates make wonderful gifts, or for something a little unusual try Tavoletta Amore, Rose flavoured dark chocolate.

I tried the Perle di Toscana. The sweet treats packaged in the box were made using the best ingredients to elevate the flavour of dark chocolate such as pistachio, truffle, almond, and hazelnut. Each pearl have surely satisfied my chocolate craving! Rich and luxurious is how the chocolate feels with every bite. (Price 64 $)

Chocolak is offering 10% off when registering . Promo Code is OPENING Assorted chocolate pralines 16 pcs 4 pistachio pearl, 4 almond pearl, 4 classic truffle, 4 hazelnut pearl.

I had the chance to interview Chocolak :
Why Chocolak was started? & When?
Making premium chocolate an easy reach at affordable rates. Started mid 2016 in Dubai.

What makes Chocolak special?
Chocolate is a very delicate product for transportation, we deliver in our designed boxes. The product range is the premium available.
What is your best seller product?
Guindiua is top rated Soft and creamy milk Gianduia will bring back all of the wonderful memories to your mind as you savor each bite using the gold spoon included in the package. 44 $
Do you ship around the world?
Yes. You can see our shipping info on the website. Proper Packaging & Cooled Box during shipment
Perks of Ordering from Chocolak :
You get authentic handmade high quality chocolate, no artificial ingredients & fresh Fast delivery within 2 days, ideal for short notice occasions! Reliable Packaging that preserves the quality of your shipment. Chocolak is offering 10% off when registering . Promo Code is OPENING

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