7 health benefits of dark chocolate

If you ask anyone what food they like to lavish themselves, they will say chocolate. You just know that people cannot have enough of chocolates, be it with milk, white, fruity; mention it. You can find and buy chocolates online . All that is needed is for people to find out how to make chocolate good for the health, so that they can continue to eat it without any guilt.

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The good news is that there is a way out. Chocolate, agreed, has lots of benefits to the body like Antioxidants (found in Tavoletta 50g Mediterraneo ) and vitamins; there is also stuff we do with it which is not good for us at all.

It looks like we really mess around with our chocolate by adding stuff to it that really damages our health. Take for example the way we take the basic product and add to it a lot of stuff like extra sugar, butter and milk solids. Granted all these contribute a great deal to adding the flavor, but they add the calories too. It is only the dark chocolate that does not have all these additional stuff and that is something in there to think about.

Did you know that our bodies do not take chocolate as food, surprised right? Whenever you eat a bar of chocolate on its own, your body will only accept the sugar and store it, but the minerals and vitamins won't be absorbed.

This is like a well kept secret, that dark chocolate actually contains high iron content which is perfectly complemented with foods such as blueberries which are very rich in vitamin C. It helps to balance the nutrition and makes sure that the body is able to absorb the iron from the chocolate well and continue to enjoy the goodness.

If you combine other stuff to it like fruit or nuts to go together, it will start treating chocolate as food and that is how to get the full benefits.

At one time when I was still a chocolatier, I ate a lot of dark chocolate with all types of fruits; and in particular the berries and nuts. Later when a blood test was performed, it showed that my levels of vitamins and minerals were quite good and I had not gained any weights at all.

Now you are aware of which chocolate is good for you if you at all you cannot do without it. Forget the milk chocolate which is fat laden and go for the dark chocolate which you can eat with fruit and nuts. So continue enjoying your treat with no more guilt.

Replacing your regular chocolate bar with a bar of dark chocolate can bring about a categorical change in your health condition. What makes dark chocolate so beneficial to your health?

Dark chocolate increases HDL while reducing LDL and prevents arteriosclerosis which play a part to maintain your heart at healthy levels

Dark Chocolate regulates your blood flow and ensures that your blood pressure is kept under control

Dark Chocolate improves your body’s insulin sensitivity

Dark Chocolate has flavanols that increases flow of blood to the brain thus improving the functioning of the brain

Dark Chocolate has bioactive compounds like flavanols that increase skin hydration thus elevating skin condition or glow. Blood flow to the skin is increased protecting it from sun expore effects

Dark chocolate has a high concentration of anti-oxidants that help prevent the buildup of plaque that can clog the arteries and result into a heart attack or stroke

Dark chocolate may make your blood less "sticky" thus preventing blood clots that may result to arterial blockages.

Take time to order chocolates online from Chocolak . One very last thing, now that you know that it is even healthier; still it is no excuse to pig out and gift chocolates, eat sensibly!

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