bar 45 g (1.59 oz) red fruit bresil - chocolate bar

bar 45 g (1.59 oz) red fruit bresil - chocolate bar

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Chocolate bar filled with chocolate ganache with red fruit and garnished with Brazilian - 45 gr. Zaabar has brought together the benefits of red fruits and those of its dark chocolate. In this forage the raspberries and the cherries will awaken in you memories of childhood. This experience will be accompanied by Brazilian grains with the delicate flavor of toasted and sweetened hazelnuts. Its design case makes it possible to close the tablet when it is not finished.
45 grams (1.59 oz)
The Experience

On his natal day, make him bite into the zesty goodness that is Zaabar chocolate bars with red fruit and Brazilian nuts! This chocolate bar is ideal for days when he is overwhelmed with work or school. Whether he plans on sharing it or eating it by himself, a happy birthday gift ideas from Zaabar chocolate when mixed with red fruits and Brazilian nuts is a guilty pleasure that will surely make his long, tiring day.


With the taste of gourmet raspberries and cherries mixed into delicate dark chocolate, you will never get tired of Zaabar gift chocolates online with red fruits. The wonderful mix of Brazilian grains and sweetened hazelnuts complements the divine flavors in this lavish fusion of flavors.


Awaken the memories of your childhood with every bite of Zaabar chocolate bars with red fruits and Brazilian nuts. Learn how to taste chocolate like an expert and picture yourself in your favorite swing, with no idea of the troubles of the world. Zaabar chocolate bar with red fruits and Brazilian nuts will surely bring back good memories and have you wanting for more. buy chocolates online to indulge in heavenly experience.

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Joanne Martha on 11/26/2018
The red fruits infused in the amazing chocolate tastes so good. They complement each other.
Michael Lance Cleveland on 3/25/2018
This is now my newest favorite chocolate bar to eat. It definitely beats other known brands and this choco bar is surely worth to try not just for its flavour but also for the amazing texture.
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