Pralines Senses - milk chocolate - 80g (2.82 oz)

Pralines Senses - milk chocolate - 80g (2.82 oz)

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Legendary - Belgian Chocolate Ambassador - Senses 8 pralines
220 grams (7.76 oz)
80 grams (2.82 oz)
The Experience

Awake your senses with the arousing flavors of Senses Pralines from Legendary and celebrate Summer like no other with this delectable and nourishing good that is both healthy and yummy.


See the brown tones of the square candy, Taste the sourness and sweetness from the milk chocolate, Touch and Feel the smooth silky texture— discern your senses and your pleasures from Senses 8 Pralines when youbuy chocolates online.


With the sour taste of the passionfruit together with the soft silk mouth sensation of the hazelnut paste, the freshness of the fennel seeds give this full milk chocolate a healthy summer boost.

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Elsie on 11/13/2018
One thing I love about apart from the flavor is their customer service. It makes me want to buy even more from here.
Marie Fox on 4/30/2018
Once you get a mouthful of this, it's like heaven on earth..err mouth. A must buy.
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