Pralines Bourbon - milk chocolate - 80g (2.82 oz)

Pralines Bourbon - milk chocolate - 80g (2.82 oz)

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Legendary - Belgian Chocolate Ammbassador -Bourbon 8 pralines
220 grams (7.76 oz)
80 grams (2.82 oz)
The Experience

The merging flavors of vanilla and caramel from black seeds, sea salt and chocolate in Bourbon Pralines creates a great wedding chocolate favors for a pleasurable moment with guests. Give and share happiness Legendary Bourbon Pralines.


Bourbon Pralines are great chocolate gift ideas because it is non-alcoholic and non-gmo. With the fantastic flavors of it, you can never go wrong with gifting this for your acquaintances.


The black seeds provide a fantastic vanilla flavour. The milk chocolate and a hint of sea salt provide a pleasant caramel flavour.

Clients' Reviews

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kenny on 10/9/2018
While scrolling down on your site the name did not really say much, but I still ordered it. My god! How good I felt that I ordered it. The caramel was the best thing about it; this is for sure my go-to chocolate.
Christine James on 5/27/2018
If you can't think of anything to give your special someone, this will definitely be the right one. The taste and texture not to mention the packaging of this Bourbon Pralines is something to be proud of.
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