Pralines Jazz - dark chocolate-80g (2.82 oz)

Pralines Jazz - dark chocolate-80g (2.82 oz)

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Legendary - Belgian Chocolate Ambassador - Jazz 8 pralines
220 grams (7.76 oz)
80 grams (2.82 oz)
The Experience

The tones of the roasted sesame seeds and aroma of coffee beans creates an outstanding pralines for mothers who love chocolates with strong flavor. Givemothers day chocolatelike Jazz Pralines from Legendary and enjoy the picture-perfect moment with your moms!


Experience the strong and exotic delicacy from Legendary, the Jazz dark pralines consisting floral and coffee aromas from jasmine flower and coffee beans. Order chocolates online and experience the evolving flavors of Jazz Pralines.


The Sao Thome origin chocolate presents a strong personality with a mix of floral aromas and subtle impression of coffee beans. The jasmine flower and the roasted sesame seeds confer an exotic opulence.

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Prakash on 11/13/2018
Oh my god! I have to say that I just loved the chocolate and I am definitely going to order this one again.
Adrian Ingram on 7/13/2018
A great tasting chocolate, Delivery was fast as always.
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