ORIGIN Mestizos - Chocolate Bar

ORIGIN Mestizos - Chocolate Bar

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The ORIGIN is a 110 gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Cacao 70% . This very rough cocoa chocolate has a bitter flavor. Origin Mexico is a full-flavored chocolate, indicating warm, woody, spicy and tobacco flavors. He notes a slight note of licorice. (dark chocolate). To be served accompanied by a cognac or an excellent Bordeaux. A delight ! This chocolate is very rich in cocoa and its flavor is quite bitter. Origin Mexico is a chocolate with complex aromas, indicating warm, woody, spicy and tobacco flavors. It reveals a slight note of licorice.
120 grams (4.23 oz)
110 grams (3.88 oz)
The Experience

Looking for valentine's day chocolate delivery? The Zaabar Origin Mestizos is the perfect gift for that special person who captured your heart: sensuous and mysterious, exotic yet pure. Its strong, full flavor, with hints of warm, woody, and spicy flavors is perfect to be enjoyed with wine, as you lounge by the fire with your significant other on a lazy evening. This heart chocolate is for someone with an adventurous taste, and has a passion for the not-so-ordinary.


The Zaabar Origin Mexico is as colorful and sensual as its namesake. Each bite of this chocolate hints of warm, woody, spicy, and tobacco flavors. It is a fiesta of rich flavors in your tongue, exciting and awakening your taste buds. The rich yet bitter flavor of these chocolate gift boxes arouses curiosity as it melts in your tongue. Go on in a unique chocolate experience with the Origin Mexico


A chocolate tasting experience of the Origin Mestizos can transport you to the magical and romantic place that is Mexico. As its strong and bold flavors envelope your tongue, you are transported to the warm streets of Mexico, where a Mariachi band plays and people dance to a festive beat. Your taste buds will surely dance the cha-cha with every bite of the Origin Mestizons.

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Emily Rodriguez on 12/4/2018
One of the best chocolate bar I've ever purchased. Gives me so much joy.
Shawn Sanchez on 12/3/2018
I would definitely buy this chocolate bar again. Quality chocolate. Superbly packed and delivered without any damage
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