DUO - Pink Berries form Bahia - Chocolate Bar

DUO - Pink Berries form Bahia - Chocolate Bar

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The DUO is two 35 gr chocolate bars, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. The sweet, aromatic and warm flavor of pink berries reminds of these Brazilian encounters, fleeting and chalouped, at the turn of the voracious alleys of the Pelourinho, the soul of Bahia the temptress. No one will be surprised that the conquistadors first succumbed to their peppered charms.
96 grams (3.39 oz)
70 grams (2.47 oz)
The Experience

Is your special someone's birthday coming soon? We sure have the pefect birthday gift ideas with chocolate! Surprise your love on their birthday by giving them the most delicisios happy birthday chocolate - the DUO – Pink Berries from Bahia. They'll surely give you a much deserved kiss and hug when they get their hands - and tongue - on this gift chocolates.


Once you taste these gift chocolates online, your mind will immediately transport you to Reunion and Brazil where the pink berries are cultivated. The thought of the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro during summer is enough to make you feel warm inside.


This offers a sweet, aromatic and warm chocolate tasting experience. The pink berries of this chocolate provides a floral yet strong taste to the dark chocolate that will awaken your senses. The combination of spice and sweetness is just right. The taste keeps getting better and better as you take another bite.

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cherry on 1/21/2021
smooth taste, soft
Jhonson A. on 11/26/2018
The pink berries partnered with really good high-quality chocolate is really amazing. I got some of these for my birthday, and I love them!
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