Vegan Chocolate -Dark Orange Zests

Vegan Chocolate -Dark Orange Zests

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You will be surprised by the aromatic intensity of this chocolate, especially by the quick passage from the chocolate flavour to the orange zest which creates a really balanced continuum. We do not use any orange essence but only that really thin layer which constitutes the most aromatic part of the orange peel. We produce the zest by ourselves by using oranges from Sicily. We remove the skin by hand, dry it at 30degreecelsiusC for 36/40 hours. The zest, reduced to little pieces and mixed with the 80% dark chocolate bursts in your mouth, leaves space to the chocolate, comes back, brings freshness, awakening an excitement of the senses. A classic flavour enriched by the cold processing that will certainly not let you down. ppreciate the true value of this bar, just bear in mind that it takes 1.5 kilos of fresh raspberries to produce the 100 grams of raspberries we use!
31 grams (1.09 oz)
30 grams (1.06 oz)
The Experience

Experience the perfection of organic chocolate with refined content and rich aroma of Criollo Cacao with notes of fresh oranges in the bar. The Dark chocolate is loaded with flavor of citrus fruit great on any occasion like birthdays, Christmas and also for corporate gifting. If you’re Running out of ideas on what to give for your mothers, mothers day chocolate can be the best gift!


Looking for chocolate gift ideas for your loved ones? Cacao Crudo Dark Orange Zests Bar is a great gift for any occasion because it is purely made from organic ingredients with bursting flavor and sealed beautifully in a chic case retaining it’s freshness and delicious taste. A different twist of organic chocolate bar with orange flavor is a unique present for your loved ones and a sweet course for yourself.


From the aroma of delicately picked oranges to the dark chocolate, the cold processed organic chocolate bar will definitely make your day bright and happy.The Dark Orange Zests are made from fresh oranges from Sicily, peeled to produce zests that is added to the bar achieving its balance between the sweetness and bitter taste of the dark chocolate. Grab Cacao Crudo Dark Orange Zests Chocolate Bar for your unforgettable chocolate tasting experience.

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Mickey T. on 11/27/2018
You will definitely get your money's worth with this chocolate. And when you say chocolate, you will get really good chocolate!
Terri Blair on 11/4/2018
I would highly recommend for any vegan chocolate lovers out there!
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