Vegan Chocolate -Dark 80%

Vegan Chocolate -Dark 80%

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Slightly sweeter and certainly more creamy than our 90%; the addition of a little percentage of raw coconut pulp gives it a unique round aroma and amplifies the fruity taste of Criollo cocoa. The coconut butter has precious abundance of lauric acid, comparable in quantity only to that of maternal milk, that represents a powerful antimicrobic and antibacterial that helps to strenghten our immune system.
31 grams (1.09 oz)
30 grams (1.06 oz)
The Experience

The Dark 80% of Cacao Crudo lives up to it’s genuine perfection making it as an ideal choice for baking scrumptious chocolate birthday cake and other delectables for any type of party. It offers a smooth and tempting aroma with hint of coconut butter and vanilla for that long lasting flavor and unforgettable experience. Don’t forget that a birthday celebrant deserves a fool-proof, fudgy chocolate cake in her birthday so don’t miss Dark 80% in your recipe!


Rejoice chocolate lovers— for the perfect balance of the bitter taste and aromatic flavors are now available online! Want to know what makes it difference from any other chocolate bar you ever tasted? Dark 80% are carefully made in a cold-process method to retain it’s freshness and the exciting flavors in it. From the Criollo Cacao, it entails the rich and satisfying flavor you’ll ever have in raw organic chocolate bar.
Order chocolates online and have the taste of the Dark 80% Chocolate Bar from Cacao Crudo.
Not too strong and not too sweet—just a perfect balance and harmony of cacao in every bite.


Begin your chocolate tasting with Cacao Crudo 80% and bring all your senses for that perfect moment. Experience the intense experience and let every piece melts in your mouth like you’ve never done before.The rich elements make the best of all the raw organic dark chocolates. It doesn’t overpower the flavor and suits right in your taste buds for that chocolate tasting experience.

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Dominic on 11/13/2018
I love these vegan chocolate-dark 80% and always keep a stock of it at my home. My husband is fond of these chocolates as well. Not too bitter but not too sugary as well.
Jake on 7/30/2018
I always order this from Chocolak and it's my go-to dessert whenever I feel the urge to indulge.
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