bar 45 g (1.59 oz) orange & cinnamon - black chocolate bar

bar 45 g (1.59 oz) orange & cinnamon - black chocolate bar

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Black chocolate bar filled with orange flavored with cinnamon powder and topped with caramel grains - 45 gr. In this fodder, the pulp of Orange married to a cinnamon will make you travel in the perfumed universe of the Moroccan kitchen. This experience will be complete with finely chopped caramel grains cracking under the tooth. Its design case makes it possible to close the tablet when it is not finished.
45 grams (1.59 oz)
The Experience

Savor an amazing blend of flavors in Zaabar bars with orange and cinnamon on Eid. Something delectable and delicious when you’re looking for a taste that is out of the ordinary, Zaabar has the Eid Mubarak chocolates you are looking for. Doesn't matter if you plan on sharing it with a friend or just enjoying it by yourself. These rich Dubai chocolate bars are the perfect dessert even to the blandest of meals, buy chocolates online to treat yourself and beloved ones.


A combination of fresh oranges, cinnamon powder and delicate caramel grains, a bite into the Zaabar gift chocolates with orange and cinnamon is a delightful experience you'd truly want to repeat over and over again. An amazing zest of orange and tart taste of cinnamon will greet your taste buds with a marvelous flavor you will not resist.


Travel to the illustrious universe of Moroccan cuisine with this remarkable blend of orange and cinnamon. With finely chopped caramel grains, feel the incredible sweetness that life has to offer with the best tasting chocolate ever! Experience the warmth and zest that has been missing in your life with every bite.

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Millie on 11/13/2018
The idea of orange cinnamon chocolate was quite new to me, but I loved how fresh it tasted. I will definitely buy it again.
Anastacia Liberman on 5/3/2018
I never thought that I would find the eprfect chocolate bar for me and my kids. This blend is perfect suited to my taste. It is not to rich and the spice and the goodness of the citrus complements each other.
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