36 napo Lait Noir - 18 dark chocolate & 18 milk chocolate

36 napo Lait Noir - 18 dark chocolate & 18 milk chocolate

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Box with 36 chocolate square : 18 plain Dark chocolate (56 % cocoa) & 18 plain Milk chocolate (33,5 %cocoa)
220 grams (7.76 oz)
180 grams (6.35 oz)
The Experience

Give your loved ones a treat that they will remember with Zaabar's 36 Napo Lait Noir. If you're looking for birthday gift ideas, anniversary chocolates, wedding chocolates favors, or corporate chocolate gifts, consider purchasing the Zaabar's 36 Napo Lait Noir. Make sure to place your orders early!


Let the sweet essence of milk chocolate and the hint of bitterness provided by dark chocolate overwhelm your senses with Zaabar's 36 Napo Lait Noir. If you're experiencing any kind of stress at all, this chocolate treat would be the perfect solution for you. Check out our chocolate gifts online now!


For the best chocolate tasting experience, take a bite out of Zaabar's 36 Napo Lait Noir. Its combination of dark and milk chocolate is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet for you and your loved ones. No need to know how to taste chocolate like an expert! 36 Napo Lait Noir on its own is already a heavenly experience.

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Hannah on 9/21/2018
This pack is more than enough for me. I brought this for a shower party as a dessert and everyone enjoyed it.
Ealga on 4/22/2018
The chocolate was a gift and arrived on time!
The packaging looks exactly as it is shown in the photo. Chocolate tastes fresh and delicious now I will order it for myself ;-)
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