Pralines Ceylon - milk chocolate- 80g (2.82 oz)

Pralines Ceylon - milk chocolate- 80g (2.82 oz)

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Legendary - Belgian Chocolate Ambassador - Ceylon 8 pralines
220 grams (7.76 oz)
80 grams (2.82 oz)
The Experience

What’s more cooler than Ceylon Pralines as christmas chocolates? Nothing breaks the perfect pralines from Legendary with refreshing flavor for more fun celebration this holiday season.


Be delighted with the invigorating flavor of Ceylon Pralines made from the combination Ceylon tea, cocoa and other ingredients for a brighter day. Order chocolates online now and see the difference from any other pralines.


The surprising combination of Ceylon tea, liquorice, lemon grass, limes confer to the chocolate a refreshing aroma and a lively touch.

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Sammy on 10/9/2018
My overall experiences with milk chocolate have not been great, but this one was something completely different. The texture was exactly what I was looking for, soft and melting, loved every bite of it.
Avril on 7/21/2018
A box of chocolates in time of stress is what I truly need. And Chocolak certainly delivered when I ordered a box of pralines.
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