Mono Milk Speculoos - Dark Chocolate Bar

Mono Milk Speculoos - Dark Chocolate Bar

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The KLASSIC is a 100 gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product.Milk Chocolate with Speculoos
45 grams (1.59 oz)
35 grams (1.23 oz)
The Experience

Are you attending a wedding but haven't come up with great wedding chocolate favors yet? Why not choose personalized wedding chocolates like the Mono Milk Speculoos? This will be a great way to celebrate the new journey that the recipients are about to take together.


If you are looking for chocolate gift ideas that will help couples be reminded of the wonderful feeling of being in love, the Mono Milk Speculoos is a great choice. It outshines all the other gift chocolates online with its addicting sweetness and crunchy texture.


Exciting and flavorful: these are the qualities that you should be looking for in a best tasting chocolate, just like in marriage. Couples who taste this sweet treat will rave about how the rich flavor of the Speculoos is not too overwhelming as it melts in their mouths. It is an unforgettable chocolate tasting experience that they will want to experience again and again.

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Amilia on 9/30/2018
My boyfriend gave this to me as a gift. It is mouthwatering and very very addicting!
Stephanie Rogers on 8/24/2018
Excellent product. Original chocolates and perfect in taste!
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