DUO - Violet from Toulouse - Chocolate Bar

DUO - Violet from Toulouse - Chocolate Bar

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Cocoa 55.9%. The tablets are vacuum packed to preserve the flavors and freshness. Black chocolate with minimum 55,9% cocoa for a strong taste. The Violette culture knew its hour of glory at the beginning of the 20 th century in the region of Toulouse which had more than 600 producers. The petals of violets crystallized in sugar are used in pastry since the nineteenth century. Perfumes and liqueurs are based on Violet flowers. This delicate fragrance of natural violet blends perfectly with the dark chocolate of Zaabar.
96 grams (3.39 oz)
70 grams (2.47 oz)
The Experience

A bouquet of flowers may be one of the most romantic gift chocolates for a loved one. But a happy birthday chocolate with the essence of flowers is not only tantalizing for the sight but also for the palate. The Duo- Violette from Toulouse contains the essence of violets, a flower which symbolizes discreet love and deep unpronounced feelings.


A delectable bite from the Duo- Violettes from Toulouse gift chocolates can transport your senses into an enchanting garden of beautiful violets. The essence of this mesmerizing flower is used in perfume and has properties that calm pains and aids breathing. The flavors of thses chocolate gift boxes are similar to quiet and serene afternoon with the person that you deeply love.


The sweetness and modesty of flavors from the Duo- Violettes from Toulouse are hard to resist. Enjoy a languorous day in bed with your loved one while enjoying the chocolate tasting experience of the combination of dark chocolate, vanilla and the essence of violet flowers.

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Brian on 11/13/2018
I bought this for my father on his birthday, and I cannot even begin to explain how much he enjoyed it. He kept on ravaging about it the entire day.
Dexter on 7/12/2018
There's something sexy and sensual about this chocolate when I first opened it. The vanilla and hint of flowers add drama to a sweet treat.
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