DUO - Rose from Damas - Dietary Chocolate Bar

DUO - Rose from Damas - Dietary Chocolate Bar

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The DUO is two 35 gr chocolate bars, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Cocoa 55.9% Tablets are vacuum packed to preserve flavors and freshness. Black chocolate with minimum 55,9% cocoa for a strong taste. Knight Robert de Brie is credited with having brought back this Persian plant on his return from the crusade in the twelfth century. Its name refers to the city of Damascus, an important city in the region and nowadays this rose still lives spontaneously in Syria and the Caucasus. The rose bushes of Damascus are renowned for their delicate fragrance. They are grown for the production of Rose essence used in perfumery and rose water used in the Middle East for fine pastry. Tasting our dark chocolate with the Rose of Damascus, its fine, fragrant and discreet flavor at the palate will take you to the confines of the region of the thousand and one nights.
96 grams (3.39 oz)
70 grams (2.47 oz)
The Experience

Universal symbol for love and romance, the allure of roses is undeniable for newly wed couples. Roses infused in black chocolate like the Duo- Rose from Damas is one of the most romantic and delicious wedding chocolate favors you can give a loved one. The essence from the roses typically used in perfumes and rose water adds an interesting aroma and flavor to this lush chocolate.


Rose from Damas from rose bushes that grow in the arcane city of Damascus give a flavor that evokes the opulence of the Middle East. The sensuous melding of the sweet and ambrosial gift chocolates online make this a befitting gift for a queen.


Do not limit yourself to the usual choices of chocolates. Duo- Rose from Damas is made from black chocolate from premium cacao beans and rose extract from fine Damascus roses. Its lush and aromatic flavor along with its known therapeutic benefits make this best tasting chocolate the ultimate choice for a romantic gift.

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Mira on 10/3/2018
Right mix of of dark chocolate and rose. Luscious and addicting! Will definitely recommend this.
Richard Bolzini on 9/2/2018
Very tasty ...I like it
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