ORIGIN Waorani - Chocolate Bar

ORIGIN Waorani - Chocolate Bar

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The ORIGIN is a 110 gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Cocoa 70%. The tablet is vacuum packed for better preservation of flavors and freshness. (dark chocolate). To be tasted with a fruity red wine. Origin Ecuador is particularly rich in cocoa and its taste is gently bitter, with nuances of expressive aromas. There are delightful notes of red fruit, dry grass and tropical flowers.
120 grams (4.23 oz)
110 grams (3.88 oz)
The Experience

Your search for unique corporate gift ideas end here! The Zaabar Origin Waorani is the perfect dessert after a sumptuous dinner, or during cocktails while your colleagues enjoy some wine with their friends or your significant other. Not for those who enjoy the mediocre and the mundane, the Waorani chocolates are special corporate chocolates that are sure to give them a lasting and unforgettable impression in every bite!


The Origin Waorani boasts of its high cocoa bean content. Fused with delightful notes of red fruit, dry grass, and tropical flowers, each bite of these Zaabar gift chocolates will embrace your tongue in an extraordinary medley of flavors. Its unique and particular taste will have you reaching for another bar in no time.


Each chocolate tasting bite of the Origin Waorani will transport you to Ecuador, known for its warm weather and its colorful and friendly culture. Its amazing and unique blend of the bitter taste of cocoa, red fruit, dry grass, and tropical flowers will take you to the tropical forests and rich biodiversity. Feel and taste the beauty of Ecuador with the Origin Waorani.

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Bryce on 11/13/2018
These chocolate bars are amazing in taste. I bought these or my kids, and they couldn’t have enough. Had to order the next batch immediately. Would give it a big thumbs up.
Petra on 9/10/2018
I'm always satisfied with the products from Chocolak. This bar from Waorani is definitely one of those chocolate bars that leave a lasting impression.
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